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Take A Seat!

SEAT WALLS Far too often homeowners overlook seating when planning their outdoor hardscape project. Is it worth the extra cash? We say, Yes! Seat walls add a beautiful and functional aspect to any backyard. 1. Add A Beauty Element While most decisions when planning a home project rely mostly on aesthetic value, this rings true for seat walls! Seat walls can be made from a variety of materials and add height and dimension to create a wow factor to your home.   2. Functionality Of course we like for things to be pretty, but functional is a must too! Seat walls not only add beauty, but with the right planning and some creativity can double as many other functions then just seating! Seat walls can double as a retaining wall if any slopes, wood boxes to store wood for your fire pit, a flower box for more aesthetics, and much more. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!   3. Low Maintenance Outdoor patio furniture can get expens