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Why Hang Christmas Lights When Someone Else Will?

The Yearly Challenge  Every year it’s the same process. You have to give up an entire Saturday to dig out the boxes of Christmas lights, which have been buried under other boxes throughout the year. When you open the boxes, you find that somehow your neatly coiled strings have become tangled messes. Frowning and muttering words to vent your frustration, you carefully pull the strings apart, and plug them in to make sure they work. As if that were not enough work in itself, you still have to drag out the ladder and carry the lights out into the bitter cold, wrestling with tree branches and hoping you don’t slip and fall. After every light string is carefully strung, half-frozen, you hold your breath as you turn on the switch, making a last silent plea that all the lights are working the way they should. Free Quote Request Li

Simple Sounds Good!

Your Guide to a Simpler Turkey Day

Winter Outdoor Entertaining

Fire Pits Fire pits are a great, affordable option for patio heating and provide the perfect place for family and friends to gather and spend time together throughout the holiday season! In the Hampton Road’s region, the winter season stays mild. This allows for more months to entertain outdoors! Permanent fire pits are a better option for homeowners concerned about the overall look of their outdoor living space design and can be installed by a local hardscape professional. An outdoor fire pit , wood burning or gas, is the type of outside heating option that can fit into any homeowner’s budget. Check out Virginia Beach Patios today for multiple fire pit options to complete your outdoor living space!  Fireplaces Outdoor fireplaces make beautiful additions to your home’s exterior living spaces and can even increase the value of your home. A professionally installed patio with a fireplace as the focal point is the perfect place